Protecting Our Environment


We can transition our state to 100% renewable energy by 2030 and create thousands of good-paying jobs in the process, without stripping our forests and farms. We must stop destructive clear-cutting for solar farms. 

I am  proud to have been endorsed by Sunrise RI and I will be a champion for green jobs and renewable energy.

This is why I have signed the No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge, and I won't accept a single campaign contribution from the fossil fuel industry.

Legalizing Marijuana 
Our state faces many financial challenges -- school funding, hunger, transportation, road repair. By legalizing and regulating marijuana in Rhode Island we will be able to compete with neighboring states for  funding that can provide needed revenue to the State each year. Rhode Island should not lose this revenue to   Massachusetts!
Moving to 100% Renewable Energy by 2030
Rhode Island could be one of the first states in the nation to have 100% renewable energy. Many advocates are fighting for Rhode Island to reach that goal by 2030, and I will fight with them to make it happen. A shift to renewable energy can not only help our environment, it can create new jobs and save our state money. 

Fighting for Strong Public Schools
I went to public schools and I have three children in public schools, so I know how hard our teachers work and how transformational education can be. I will advocate for strong schools and to protect funding for our schools. Our children's future and our economy depend on it. I also support programs that support every child in learning --  free lunch for all legislation makes sure that every child in Rhode Island, no matter what their situation is at home, gets a meal at school every day. 
Creating Livable Wages For All 

Now more than ever we should understand the importance of the workers who keep our communities moving. The people who check us out at the grocery store or smile when we pay for our gas have kept us going during the pandemic, yet most of them don't earn enough to pay the bills. It is time to increase the minimum wage to make sure all people in Rhode Island make at least $15 an hour. This issue has been debated at the State House for years, and I will work to make it happen.