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I grew up in Megan's district. It's never easy to run, but it really couldn't have been easy to champion the causes she did in the district she did. Nonetheless, she did so marvelously and she made my hometown proud. Looking forward to her victory in 2022!

Michael Niemeyer, Hopkinton/Westerly

Megan understands how to transcend politics by understanding what people need as humans…and what is important to people in rural communities (and I assume other communities as well!)

Chip Heil, Hopkinton

Megan was determined to run a positive campaign and she achieved that.  She does not give in to the negative.


Kristen Chambers, Richmond

I look forward to voting for Megan again because she is dedicated to making our beautiful district a more just, sustainable, and inclusive place to live. I look forward to having an elected official who values me as an LGBTQ+ person, someone who believes in science, someone who works for the people.


Dan Fitzgerald, Hopkinton

As an Independent with a Republican husband I can say... We are both fully supportive of Megan as she is fearless, has integrity and will passionately represent this district. She has my utmost support.

Nell Carpenter, Richmond

Megan doesn’t lay low in the face of adversity. She stands up to take action.

Jessica Purcell, Hopkinton

I was proud to support Megan in 2020, and again in 2022 - she's caring, empathetic, and a good listener. She's a very strong candidate - engaged, bright, and hard-working...just what we need...a thoughtful, dedicated State Rep for Richmond, Exeter, and Hopkinton!

Larry Valencia, Richmond

Megan ran an amazing campaign last time and will be even better this time. Her supporters are genuine in their enthusiasm for her candidacy.

Antonia Bryson, Richmond

Megan is an unforgettable candidate that so many will vote for if we can get the word out.

Jared Graham, Richmond

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