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Public Schools

Fighting for Strong Public Schools

I went to public schools and I have three children in public schools, so I know how hard our teachers work and how transformational education can be. I will advocate for strong schools and to protect funding for our schools. Our children's future and our economy depend on it. I also support programs that support every child in learning -- free lunch for all legislation makes sure that every child in Rhode Island, no matter what their situation is at home, gets a meal at school every day.

Our status quo public school funding formula is broken. We need action at the state level to repair and improve the access to quality public education that all children deserve. School funds should be equitably distributed from the state and to school districts across Rhode Island. We cannot continue to raise property taxes on everyday working families to fund our schools. I believe that our local investment must be accompanied by stronger and more robust support from the state. We need to work to find a long-term solution that will close the funding deficit and remove disparities among different communities that persist in our school systems.

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